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Camp Expeditions

we venture in all your dream camping activities just as we improvise you with any camping facility you wish to have.
we have a number of memorable camp ventures on our touristic album where we have reputed only success as testimonies from our camp clientele air it out.
Ultimate Camp Resource is a free Resource for Camp Games, Camp Songs, Camp Skits and more.for the exotic camp adventure, Great Heights has a real range of ultimate plays, entertainment, and occupational games as recognized and recommended by our clientele on camping with us, viz;
Snipe hunting with the little one's:
needs a person with a good hand who's good at snapping a apper bag as if something is in it.

Do a scavenger hunt-
for older kids where you describe soemthing and they have to retrieve it or take a picture of it...
Buy a survivalist book and try some of the things they show
like how to build a fire or how to make a shelter. These are cool projects that people of all ages will be happy to join in.

Here's something real cool,
I saw an icecream maker that was in the shape of a ball and it needs to be rolled around in the hands to make the ice cream. So the game is gather around the campfire and the person with the icecream maker ball starts a story, as the ball is passed each person adds to the story. At the end, everyone gets some ice cream.

Guess that eery sound.
During the night in spring & summer months a lot of things make noise. Teach kids not to be afraid of the dark by helping them identify what makes the bump in the night.
Find that bug -
a chance to discover the smallest of critters around your campsite.

Bizz Buzz -
gather around the campfire. Start by one person saying "one" then the person on their left says "Two" and so on until the person who should say "Five" says Bizz instead - change direction with the person on the right saying "Six" and the next person saying "Buzz instead of Seven and the direction changes again.
Bizz buzz is a game of numbers - every number is counted except for all multiples of 5 (instead Bizz is substituted and the direction changes) and 7* (instead Buzz is substituted and the direction changes.) *NOTE: note only are multiples of 7 are substituted with Buzz BUT also any number that end with 7:

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