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Game Drives/ Game viewing

Watching wildlife is one of the main attractions and highlight of a visit to Uganda. Uganda’s ten National Parks and 12 Wildlife Reserves are some of the most diverse in the region and some of the best in the world.
The endowment of natural resources, largely covered by large vegetation and huge expanses of tropical forests that are rich in flora and fauna has made the country a home to unique physical landscapes, lakes and rivers. All these physical attributes provide a habitat for the diverse wildlife that forms bedrock of Uganda's tourism industry.

On a Uganda Safari you can see a profusion of Hippos, herds of Elephants, Buffaloes, Giant Forest Hogs, the handsome Ugandan Kob, Sitatungas, and Zebras among others. Over the past twenty years wildlife numbers have steadily increased in Uganda's safari parks and higher chances of seeing almost all animal species in Ugandan parks is guaranteed. The most popular destinations for game

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