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Tourist Activities

Kampala is the capital city of Uganda and counts  a population  close to 4 million people during day and at least 1.7 million people at night. The city happens to be Uganda's main commercial as well as administrative city. It can be challenging if one chooses to go alone for the first time.
Other than that, Kampala city holds a lot as regards history, not only for Buganda as a Kingdom but also for Uganda as a country. It features in areas of religion, development, culture and tradition.

· The Uganda Museum
· Nakasero Market
· Old Kampala Mosque
· Namirembe Cathedral
· Rubaga Cathedral
· The Kasubi Royal Tombs
· The King's Palace
· The Kabaka's lake
· The Bahai Temple
· Hindu Temple
· Centre for traditional dances of Uganda

Choose our services today and enjoy not only the above listed, but also much more of what the city Kampala can offer.

For those entirely interested in touring Kampala and get to know it very well, you need to spare at least 2 days and move around with one of our experienced guides, who will be able to show you the A-Z of the city.

Contact us today for this wonderful experience and discovery of Uganda's roots of history and glory.

Exclusively and originally initiated by African Safari Masters, one can now have a chance of having a family in Uganda.
In this program, we offer out clients that never before found opportunity to observe Africa and its people at the closest range possible.

African Safari Masters has put in place this program, open to everyone, that you can be able to live, eat, drink and stay with an African Family, while observing Africa, her peoples and culture within the African circles.

This program gives you our esteemed client (tourist or student) an opportunity, not only to answer the questions which have for long been a mystery to the western world and the Hollywood fans, but also offers you the opportunity to appreciate the life of the African community.

Book now for this first ever opportunity and be known among the pioneers of the move in Uganda.

A camping safari can be one of the most exciting and adventurous safari one can have on the African Continent. It brings back memories of the nearly lost African culture of camp fire back to life in this modern generation.

A camping safari is like any of the wildlife safaris done in protected areas, differing only in the arrangements of accommodation. We encourage our esteemed and much treasured tourists to give us the golden opportunity of camping with you in the African and particularly the Ugandan wild.

Advantages of a camping safari

Although the cost friendliness vibrates much when one talks about a camp, it is also an opportunity to get closer to the wild than any other arrangements. Camps are usually set up in areas where wild animals are not restrained, and that makes it an open area, where the much sought after animals sometimes come around the camp on their daily night routine of grazing or hunting.

Secondly, the camp fire gives the you a greater opportunities than ever to know each other, in addition to knowing Africa in depth. It is on a camping safari that you can enjoy the company of a guide more than any other arrangements. Join us for a camping safari and live next to the wild for the few days you are with us.

African Safari Masters congratulates all those who have got married, those celebrating their marriage anniversaries as well as those in the final pipeline of marriage.

Our commitment to make your honeymoon or anniversary trip to Africa, particularly to Uganda or Rwanda, is comparable to none . We offer you a program which allows you comfort and enjoyment while you celebrate your golden achievement/memory.

We look out for accommodations outside noisy areas, and look out for hotels which allow you to relax and rest from the stress of the busy world.

This program can also be integrated with opportunities of observing Africa at a close range.
Choose to enjoy and celebrate your honeymoon or anniversary in Uganda or Rwanda with African Safari Masters organizing it for you.
Contact us today and give us the dates of your holiday as well as your desired interests at your lifetime experience.

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