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Mountain Climbing

Mountain hiking/ climbing happens to be one of the oldest activities in tourism allover the globe. When it comes to East Africa, the activity became popular by the participation of western figures such as the Dukes.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, many people have come to Africa and East Africa in particular to join the world of challenges. Many have began with the smaller mountains like the Mgahinga on the Virunga ranges and are at the moment planning to face the challenge of the Kilimanjaro (Ca. 5800M above sea level)

To all categories of hikers and those wishing to join the move, Observe African Safari Masters has opened up space for you to awaken or further strengthen that excellent hobby in you. Come and start the chain of challenges and record your success of the East African Mountains in order.

We organize mountain hikes and climbing in Mt. Elgon, Mt. Rwenzori, Mt. Sabyinyo, Mt. Muhabura and Mt. Mgahinga from the Ugandan side, Mt. Kirimanjaro from the Tanzanian side; Mt. Karisimbi and Mt. Bisoke from the Rwandan side.
Contact us today to inquire about your desired hike in any of the above mentioned or desired mountains in East Africa.

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