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Kampala City

Kampala is the capital city of Uganda and counts now a population of close to 4 million people during day and at least 1.7 million people at night. The city happens to be Uganda's main commercial as well as administrative city. It can be challenging if one chooses to go alone for the first time.
Other than that, Kampala city holds a lot as regards history, not only for Buganda as a Kingdom but also for Uganda as a country. It features in areas of religion, development, culture and tradition.

· The Uganda Museum
· Nakasero Market
· Old Kampala Mosque
· Namirembe Cathedral
· Rubaga Cathedral
· The Kasubi Royal Tombs
· The King's Palace
· The Kabaka's lake
· The Bahai Temple

· Hindu Temple
· Center for traditional dances of Uganda

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For those entirely interested in touring Kampala and get to know it very well, you need to spare at least 2 days and move around with one of our experienced guides, who will be able to show you Kampala A to Z.

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