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Uganda is a multicultural as well as a multi –lingual country made up of more than 40 tribes, each with its own cultures and traditions. In choosing to offer a cultural tour with us, you have the opportunity to observe that culture, history and the people of Uganda. This observation, where you can have the opportunity of participating as well allows you to enjoy activities like traditional dances, folk songs, poems on addition to the various social activities as shall be stipulated according to your interest and areas of concern.

This tour not only provides you a chance to see people, but also to enjoy the beauty of nature and its attachment to human survival in the areas where such natural features have been attached great value.
Itinerary of the Tour

The itinerary of this particular tour is not a standard one. Given diversity of the field, covered with Uganda's richness in culture, the program will always be drafted depending on a particular people one wishes to identify the tour with.
Uganda Safari Masters will also offer an opportunity to groups such as;
· Tourists in the field of cultural tourism
· Tourists interested in African Adventure
· Researcher groups in the field of African Studies
· Observation tours (A mixture of different culture within a limited time)
· Etc.

Uganda Safari Maters will always conclude a costing of such a tour at inquiry, considering the items of interest within the targeted cultural group, where by the costs are influences by factors like accommodation, transport, among others.
Note: Such a tour, if done alone might be a little more expensive than if one travels with a partner(s). a group of at least 4 (four) observers would make the costs reduce.

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