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A camping safari can be one of the most exciting and adventurous safari one can have on the African Continent. It brings back memories of the nearly lost African culture of camp fire back to life in this modern generation.

A camping safari is like any of the wildlife safaris done in protected areas, differing only in the arrangements of accommodation. We encourage our esteemed and much treasured tourists to give us the golden opportunity of camping with you in the African and particularly the Ugandan wild.
Advantages of a camping safari

Although the cost friendliness vibrates much when one talks about a camping, it is also an opportunity to get closer to the wildness than any other arrangements. Camps are usually set up in areas where wild animals are not restrained, and that makes it an open area, where the much sought after animals sometimes come around the camp sites on their daily night routine of grazing or hunting.

Secondly, the camp fire gives the tourist greater opportunities than ever to know each other, on addition to knowing Africa in depth. It is on a camping safari that a tourist can enjoy the company of a guide more than any other arrangements. Join us for a camping safari and live next to the wild for the few days you are with us.

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