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Uganda is serviced by an excellent selection of international hotels, shopping malls, banks, night clubs, cinemas and a breath of fresh air that is due to the green vegetation and great climate. Visitors to the pearl of Africa will have the opportunity to choose the accommodation package that best suites their travel budget.

There are five star hotels in and around Kampala with first class service and a host of other hotels with a variety of African and International dishes. Uganda Safari Masters makes accommodation arrangements for all tourists depending on their preference. whether you need to set up your own camping or to sleep in a hotel, our well trained agents make it possible for visitors to have the most favorable accommodation facilities available in Uganda.

Plan to be part of this unique Ugandan experience by spending nights in well organized camping sites that are located in strategic areas and great security. This unique adventure is crowned with remarkable nature walks where visitors in national parks not only gets to see animals and birds but also have an opportunity of interacting with the local communities that live around the parks.

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